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Computer Rescue
There are three professionals everybody needs. A good doctor, a good mechanic and a good computer guy. We can offer you dependable, fast reliable computer support services. We offer a full range of PC repair solutions to meet your entire home and business needs. Our experienced technicians provide complete and thorough service. We specialize in customer service and quality computer repairs. When you need computer repair in Phoenix, we are here to help!

"Steve Olenski and Computer Rescue have assisted me with computer and technical challenges for over 10 years. With his knowledge and skill he has been able to resolve every issue. His teaching skills have helped my company use our computers mLuch more efficiently".
Larry C. - Accent' Entertainment

"When I had a major problem with a new computer I had recently purchased, the Computer Rescue technician came to my house to assist. When he discovered that the hard drive was defective he worked with the manufacturers customer support to get them to send out a factory technician with a new hard drive. He also answered all of my questions and helped me with using my computer and software. I have referred two of my friends and they have both been thrilled with their service".
Shelly M.

"Steve (of Computer Rescue) is very knowledgeable in all aspects of computers, and can tailor the level of training to what is necessary for your specific needs"
Janet E.

"I utilize Computer Rescue's services for hardware repair and software tutoring. I highly recommend their technicians for assistance in this high tech World of Computers. they have the technical skills and strong people skills to resolve many issues and concerns to a clients satisfaction".
Alexandria F. - idio-syncrazies

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Computer Rescue

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